What is 4U campaign ?

  • 4U social campaign is an initiative of the Terrorism Prevention Centre of Excellence of the Internal Security Agency

  • The aim of the campaign is to present the recommended procedure in the event of a terrorist attack

  • The Terrorist Prevention Centre of Excellence, in accordance with its mission, seeks to improve awareness of anti-terrorism, thus increasing the level of safety of citizens

The first few seconds are essential
in the case of threat in dangerous situations.

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Anyone can be a witness to such events, regardless of the place – at home or abroad

Proper reaction - in accordance with the principle of 4 steps (4U) can save lives


Pay attention to unusual situations and behaviours.
Never be indifferent.
Be aware! Inform about the danger Call 112!


If you hear an explosion or shots - do not come close!
If you can – run!
Do not go back to the scene.
Inform people you pass by about the threat.


If escape is not possible or too dangerous, hide!
Barricade the room, mute your phone, move away from the windows and doors


If you can’t run or hide - stop the attack!
Act by surprise and in cooperation with others.


In an emergency, the phone is used to call for help, not to record events. Do not take pictures or videos!

koło szare koło szare koło szare koło pomarańczowe koło czare małe

In the first seconds and minutes of a terrorist attack, YOU are responsible for yourself and your loved ones!
Be aware, act decisively and protect your life.

The campaign was financed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration from the special reserve allocated to the implementation of the “National Counterterrorism Program for the years 2015-2019”.